It looks like Scott Disick will not be tying the knot with 21-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie anytime soon. A source claimed that Scott allegedly, "has no plans to marry Sofia anytime." This is hardly a surprise, considering the couple's 15 year age gap, but this lack of a desire to get hitched does not mean that the two are on the rocks. "He’s really, really happy. She’s so easy to get along with and they never fight. Their relationship is not at all complicated." It seems that Scott is just not interested in the whole idea of marriage at all, regardless of his happiness with Sofia. "Scott just never sees himself getting married to anyone. He’s happy with the way things are and Sofia knows that. Scott enjoys being in a relationship but doesn’t ever see himself marrying.”

Presley Ann/Getty Images

Some people just aren't into marriage, and that's cool. Considering he and his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, with whom he has three kids, never got married during their tumultuous 9 year relationship, it's always been fairly evident that Scott is one of those people. Despite their breakup in 2015, Kourtney and Scott seem to be on good terms, and Sofia is even going to be included in their holiday plans with their kids. "The family is very last minute and still figuring out their plans, but they are trying to make it work so that everyone is happy, said a different source. "It sounds like Sofia will spend some time with her family and some time with Scott and Kourtney.” Scott and Sofia spent Thanksgiving together this year, as well, which Kourtney was all for.