Scooter Braun added another big name artist to his repertoire when news broke that he had begun co-managing Kanye West. Braun spoke with Charlie Rose recently, and he shed light on some of what he’s learned since he started working with Mr. West.

After speaking at length about his discovery and grooming of Justin Bieber, Rose and Braun turned to Kanye. The two have known each other for 10 years prior to Braun becoming Kanye’s manager. Braun cuts right to the chase, saying “I hope the world gets to see the guy that I’ve gotten to know. A lot of people have an assumption that he might be selfish or arrogant. The guy who I've gotten to know – who I am learning to translate to others – is someone who literally got himself in financial trouble because he would give the shirt off his back to help someone.”

We’ve heard these descriptions of Kanye West, the man, often. Braun goes on to describe West’s goals, something that Kanye often has a hard time articulating without being grandiose. “He wants to be a positive force in the world in the most significant way possible,” Braun explains. He goes on to liken Kanye’s various creative outputs to different strokes in the greater masterpiece of his life.

Even when other people describe Kanye, he sounds pretty over the top. Watch the whole interview below for more insight from Scooter Braun.