ScHoolboy Q's Blank Face LP is the kind of album that requires multiple listens, and close listens at that, the kind where you are really doing nothing else besides listening to the music-- that's actually a difficult feat in today's day and age of millennial constantly-wired-multi-taskers. This is not only because the album is lengthy, but because it's dense. We waded through the packed lyrics and production to round up some numerical insights for our latest By The Numbers infographics.

We've gathered a mix of number-referencing lyrics from the album, as well as general data concerning the album as a whole; and it's enough to sum up Blank Face LP at a glance. The lyrics included below are a definite reflection of the type of content you hear through out the album-- a lot of it being about Groovy Q's gang-affiliated past. 

If you missed our recent interview with Q, you can read up on it here and/or watch two video clips from it below.