During roast sessions and battle raps, things can get ugly in a hurry and, thankfully for ScHoolboy Q and his daughter, they both seem to have a great sense of humor when it comes to the art of diss lyrics. As everybody seems to be fighting in the rap game right now, TDE's ScHoolboy Q decided to join in on the fun but he did not go after a rival rapper. Unlike Chief Keef and 6ix9ine or Pusha T and Drake, Q embarked on a battle rap journey against his daughter in the car. 

In the video captured by Reddit sleuths, the good-spirited battle began after eight-year-old Joy became annoyed with her father singing along to Shawty Lo. Before innocently beginning her freestyle, things got personal when the young lady essentially called her father fat, to which he laughed at. Of course, Q could not let such a brutal bar slide as he proceeded to go after his daughter's hair. "Got them ugly dreads/ You ain't really my daughter/ Sorry 'bout to kill you/ You 'bout to get slaughtered," rapped the TDE artist. While the lines could definitely be misconstrued, you can clearly tell that there is nothing but love between the father-daughter duo. And, of course, he's only going to slaughter her with his lyrics. 

Joy followed up by roasting her dad's bald head, hitting him where it hurts. Do you think either of them crossed the line or is everything fair game when it escalates to a battle rap?