Alright, guys, we've been trolled, as speculated. ScHoolboy Q gave an exclusive interview to TMZ (yeah), where he finally spoke on the Blank Face LP artwork he's put out and clarified it at that.

"The fact that people think that I would actually use that as my album cover is funny," Q says during the episode of TMZ Live. "So I just trolled the people because as soon as I put it on my twitter everybody just said, 'ScHoolboy Q album cover,' 'ScHoolboy Q art.' But they defeated the purpose of what I was doing, I have a concept behind it. Late last night I put out the Donald Trump cover, but I had a series of covers I was gunna put out."

Still, he admitted he understands why people would take that as his cover art, and beyond that, it's not like he didn't make a (rather feeble) attempt at having the Crying Jordan meme as his actual cover. He says, "I even tried to make it my album cover, I called my managers and Top and them, and said 'do you think we can get this cleared?' and they like, 'nah I doubt we can do it.'"

He gives TMZ another #exclusive, though, by letting them see his ACTUAL album cover, albeit, via an image on his cellphone. Screenshot above, and watch the video piece below.

ScHoolboy Q's album drops July 8th.

Edit: high quality version of the art has now been revealed.