As you are probably aware, the annual SXSW music conference has kicked off in Austin, Texas. The festival will continue into the weekend, and will give many new and veteran artists alike a chance to perform at various showcases. One such veteran MC is 50 Cent, who took the stage last night.

As we saw, Fiddy previewed a new track off Animal Ambition during his SXSW performance, "Hold On." Unfortunately, one of 50's biggest fans, ScHoolboy Q, was unable to see the track performed live because he was apparently denied entrance to the show.

Q tweeted about not being able to get in to 50's show, "Dey wouldn't let me in 50 cent sHow jus now smH I still ain't on number 1 and sum moe sHit lmao." 50 actually responded to Q's complaint, affirming the wackness of it all, "How the ain't gonna let @schoolboyQ in the nigga #1." Q responded, "tHey sHut me down cuHz smH I tHougHt u was my big Homie cuHz lol." 

See the exchange of tweets below. Who's hitting up SXSW this year?