ScHoolboy Q is next up on the Black Hippy docket, and fans have been anticipating his new album, Oxymoron, for quite some time now. Until now, the rapper has remained pretty tight-lipped about what to expect from the album, but in a new interview with Bootleg Kev, Q opened up about the themes of the album, and revealed some interesting details about the LP.

ScHooolboy Q shares that the focus of Oxymoron is about him taking care of his young daughter, as well as the history of the Crips.

"This album is really about me really taking care of my daughter," Q said. "It's what this whole album is really about, and Crip history from 1969 to present."

The rapper continued, "My daughter is four years old, and I could remember saying 'my daughter needs some shoes' in this album like three times, 'cause everytime I ask her what's your favorite daddy song she just says 'my daughter needs some shoes' so I made sure I kept putting that in the album."

He continued to reveal that his daughter will be doing some narrating on the album. "I got her talking through all the album... I got a shocker for the beginning of the song depending if the label let me do it."

While Q may have been an oxy dealer in the past, which is something that will come up on the album (although he says he doesn't want to promote the fact that he sold it), another drug has been trending in hip-hop as of late-- molly. Q's fellow Black Hippy rapper had a message to fans about molly in his music video for "Bitch, Don't Killy My Vibe," basically saying he doesn't support it. ScHoolboy, on the other hand, says that he doesn't necessarily share K. Dot's opinion.

"That's Kendrick's opinion," Q said of his "death to molly" message. "We make two different styles of music too. Two different type of people. I'm wit what he's saying, and I'm not wit what he saying."  He added, "If he asked me to stay away from it or leave it alone, I'd be like alright, it's over."

Q also revealed why they haven't announced a release date for Oxymoron yet. They're still waiting on sample clearances. "We haven't put the date out because we still waitin' on samples." He added, "[The album] is done."

One of those sample clearances they're waiting on turns out to be a beat from J. Cole. ScHoolboy said, "I just got a record from J. Cole too. I'm working on that right now."

Watch the full interview below. Q also says Danny Brown and Pharrell are making contributions to the album.