It's usually during a live performance that an artist's true talent is revealed. It's all fine and good to put out studio albums that have been reworked, fixed, and autotuned to perfection, but it's a musician's organic performance that truly shows their true colors (pun completely intended). If there's one platform to do so, in an environment that still maintains visual professionalism, its the Berlin YouTube series: A Colors Show. Artists such as Gunna, Tierra Whack, 6Lack, and H.E.R have graced the series before, showing fans that they don't need to hide behind DAWs in order to prove their talent, and the now, the latest contender to join the platform is none other than South Central rapper ScHoolBoy Q. 

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Q recently dropped his anticipated album CrasH Talk: a project that truly payed homage to the rapper's raw musical genius, and which employed a whole host of BIG and respected names in the game: Kendrick Lama, YG, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, 21 SavageKid CudiLil Baby, and 6lack. His single "Numb Numb Juice" was definitely a standout from the tape, and now Q's appeared to perform a live rendition of the popular songs in front of an iconically monochrome, yellow background. 

Unlike most other guests who appear on the show, the rapper opted out of matching his fit with the color scheme. But, just like most other guests, he absolutely KILLED the live performance. Q can be seen flawlessly spitting the bars of the track, hitting aAaaAall of his notes, as well as giving fans a little something to play with, with the incorporation of some theatrics. It's obvious the rapper is having fun with the performance as he passionately recites the song alongside some energetic mimes to some of the words, and some pretty sweet dance moves.