ScHoolboy Q is doing some good deeds for his community. The TDE rapper was so touched by the story of a car crash survivor that he gave the fan the pink "Girl Power" hoodie he wore at Grammy night. 

A young woman -- only known on Instagram as KattyB -- was badly injured in a car crash in Fresno, California. Despite her injuries, she refused the paramedics cut up her ScHoolboy Q hoodie to rescue her.

In an IG post she shared, she said she suffered lacerated kidney and spleen, fractured ribs, a punctured right lung, a shattered pelvis, a fractured ankle and broken and dislocated toes. She still managed to safely remove her hoodie despite her concussion and her severe condition.

The accident has left the woman in a wheelchair. She shared a photo of the bloodied blue hoodie and said the blood stain is the result of broken glass cutting her and puncturing a hole underneath her chin.

When the TDE rapper heard of the woman's ordeal, he reached out to her through social media. He offered to send his brave fan three new sweaters and the pink hoodie he wore at the 2017 Grammys.

ScHoolboy made waves when he showed up with his daughter at the ceremony, wearing a gym clothing with the words "Girl Power" etched on it. Check out messages the rapper and the fan shared to each other below.

Views from my wheelchair. Behold, my most beloved @groovyq sweater that I wore on the day of the car accident. That blood is from the scratches and gashes from the broken glass window pieces, especially the hole it made underneath my chin. The paramedics rushed to the scene as fast as possible, bless their souls for saving my life and rushing me to a Trauma1 hospital in Fresno. They told me they needed to cut up my sweater but I wouldn't let them. Even with my fractured ribs I somehow made myself strip this piece of clothing to save it. At the time I didn't think of my concussion, shattered pelvis, fractured ankle, broken and dislocated toes, lacerated kidney and spleen, fractured ribs or my punctured right lung. No, I thought of @groovyq @topdawgent and how I was still finna rock this crippled or not.

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