Yesterday Travi$ Scott voiced his opinion on his own freestyle during the BET cyphers, saying he was "underwhelmed" by the beat. Today the talk of the BET cyphers continues, as ScHoolboy Q talks about the TDE cypher with Sway In The Morning.

Many people hyped up Kendrick's verse and hypothesized he was taking shots at Drake with lines like "Yeah, and nothing's been the same since they dropped Control/And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes." However, Q says he doesn't think Kendrick was aiming at Drizzy, because the verse was recorded prior to Drake's unenthusiastic response to "Control."

"I don't think so 'cause we did it before that little incident," ScHoolboy Q told Sway when asked if Kendrick was dissing Drake. Q even called up Kendrick on air and Sway tried asking Kendrick himself if it was a shot, but Kendrick said he was just having fun.

Nonetheless, the Black Hippy rapper didn't let everyone off too easy. He said he threw a diss at rappers in general in his freestyle.

"There was a shot at every rapper that has been throwing stones at us. When I wrote my verse, when I said, 'You running to the cops saying: How we do?/Saying it’s just rap and them lines ain’t true/so I just do Q, fuck it...' 'cause these rappers, these the same rappers that was dissing us or throwing our names in their verse or speaking of my homie, are the same rappers asking me for a verse," Q revealed, although he wouldn't name names. "I didn't do the verse, so I ain't gunna say they name. Plenty of text messages, like just non-stop, tryna get the verse."

The Oxymoron rapper also revealed that Kendrick wasn't initially planning to drop a freestyle in the cypher.

"We went, we recorded it, Kendrick wasn't even gunna rap. And then outta nowhere, me, Soul and Rock, he pulled us to the side and was like check this shit out, and he rapped it," Q said during his interview. "And we was like [shocked face]..and the director was like, 'come on it's time to go!' 'Cause we was already waiting there, we didn't know he was gunna rap. We was like, 'damn this nigga just said all that?' Me, Soul and Rock lookin' like, 'damn we just wrote the sixteen, we was hurt. But that was one of the moments, like he's Kendrick Lamar, at the end of the day as much as we always competitive with each other, he is the dude, the head of our camp right now, so he deserve to get that extra eighty bars he spit."

Check out ScHoolboy Q's full interview with Sway In The Morning below. Head here to vote on your favorite BET cypher.