ScHoolboy Q may have been the last member to join Black Hippy, but he seems to be the next one coming up on the TDE label. The bucket-hat-wearing rapper has been doing a string of interviews lately, and his most recent one was with The Fader. Q answered questions about his personality, white people using the n-word, joining TDE, his fashion style and more.

Check out excerpts from Q's interview below. The rapper is currently prepping his third studio release, Oxymoron.

Of the five core traits of rap star success outlined by TDE founder Top Dawg—studio charisma, substance, lyrics, uniqueness and work ethic—in which do you excel most? Charisma, that’s my strong point. Me and beats, we have so much fun. My personality was always good, but with music I had to grow into it. I grew into who I am now. When I started rapping I thought it was alright, but like, Why I ain’t signed? Why I ain’t got an album out? When I go back and listen to old stuff, I can see why. I got lyrics, too. A lot of people be trying to kill me about my lyrics, but I’ll rap circles around their favorite rapper right now.

Was it difficult to adjust to TDE’s studio rat lifestyle, as the last of the four to enter the fold? At first I didn’t fuck with them niggas. I made them niggas convert to me. I made Jay Rock and Ab-Soul eat my dust. Then they became my homies, my brothers. I think I brought the character out in them. It’s cool for them to laugh in an interview now; I brought that. Just like Kendrick, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock brought me into rapping. I started rapping late. I was 21 when I wrote my first full song. I’m 26 now. If I was with some other rappers who aren’t as polished, or I was the only rapper, I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now, nor would I be rapping. They pushed me, we pushed each other on every record. From 2008 till now. When Ab-Soul plays a record for me, I’m not about to listen to it and go record some bullshit. I have to record something better. That’s what keeps me humble, because I know these niggas are on my ass. How can I not be humble after Kendrick dropped good kid, m.A.A.d. City?

Early last year, Ab-Soul called you the best dressed dude in Black Hippy. But it seems like Kendrick’s pretty into shopping these days. Naw, nobody’s fresher than me. None of my shit is in the mall, my drawers is $50. I can afford nice things. I didn’t just jump into fashion when I first started getting money, though. You gotta graduate. You can’t just go from the Asics to the Yeezys. I went through elementary, junior high, now I’m in college. When I graduate I’m gonna throw that suit on, take the bucket hat off, come with the bald head or something.

Has Kendrick become more interested in looking polished? I seen him change a whole lot. He’s too rich now. He shits on me every time he sees me. Y’all get the humble Kendrick. He’s my brother, he’s my homie, so I get the other Kendrick. He shows me his checks. It’ll be a million dollar check. He shows me his Rolex like, “Yo, you gotta get you one of these, this kind. Oh here, hold this.” I love that shit. It gives me drive. I made a lot of money last year, but I didn’t make half of what Kendrick made. I want it all. I want the fame, I want the ill shit, I want the clothes, I want the money, I want the fresh daughter, I want the Grammy, I want the whole shit. They say Kendrick’s the number one MC? I want that too. I don’t wanna be number two.

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