ScHoolboy Q has been relatively quiet for the past year or so, which makes his wisdom all the more welcome. Now, with 21 Savage at the center of hip-hop discourse, the TDE lyricist has taken a moment to offer a PSA of sorts. While he doesn't quite take a hostile tone, he does channel his inner dad with a stern message to anyone looking to poke fun at Savage's expense. Of course, Q is no stranger to clowning others without mercy, a fact not entirely lost on him.

"IF u dissing 21 Savage u a clown," he writes, echoing a notion put forth by Offset, a man willing to throw down in the name of Savage. "N words don't even be going to the elementary scHool of the Hood they claiming. WHats the difference? N words come thru and put it down, He put it down simple as tHat." 

He does, however, make an important clarification. "I'm not talkin bout memes," he explains. "I'm a bootleg comedian myself so i'm all for laffing. but i'm not going to play with anutHa man cHaracter beHind a screen. I'm a lil bitch I know braH." And there you have it. Q has spoken. 

It's cool to see Q riding for the homie 21, especially after the pair recently linked up for some serious heat on "good day." Respect to the TDE veteran, and rest assured that his return will soon come. It's only a matter of when. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images