Like it or not, ScHoolboy Q is going to keep listening to Lil Pump. After receiving criticism from certain fans over the music he's been playing in his Snaps, the TDE rapper decided to clarify his taste.

"Ahh Q why you listen to Lil Pump?" he asked in a mocking voice. "Cause bitch, I ain't fuckin' boring like you. I don't listen to one style of music. N---as always in my comments when I play Lil Pump. N----a, I fuck with it."

Q went on to affirm that while he still loves more conventional styles of rap, he always keeps an open mind to new artists. "Look, my favorite rapper Nas, but if you think I just wanna listen to that style of music all day every day, you're a fuckin' idiot," he said. "That's probably why you're in the same spot you've been stuck at, 'cause your mind ain't open to new shit and different shit. Stop judging people."

Later, he called out the type of person he usually hears from when he plays an artist like Pump. "Bro, you ain't got no achievements with the most opinions," he said. "You ain't got nothin' but you know everything. I'm trying to figure you n---as out. Why don't you shut the fuck up and figure yourselves out?"

Lil Pump, while still a divisive figure in rap, has gained substantial popularity in a short amount of time. After racking up millions of plays on SoundCloud, the South Florida rapper has released his debut self-titled project this week. It's expected to compete for No. 1 on next week's Billboard 200. Listen to the project here.

Q has shown his eclectic taste through the wide range of collaborators he's worked with over the years. Some artists he's worked with include Calvin Harris, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, Ne-Yo, The Weeknd, 50 Cent, Mac Miller, 2 Chainz, and Danny Brown.

Last we heard from ScHoolboy, his follow-up to 2016's Blank Face LP was 90% done. In June, he had already recorded a huge number of tracks for the album. "All these songs I've recorded for the album. God damn. Like 50 songs," he said in a snap. "And I still feel I need a couple more joints smH."

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