ScHoolBoy Q tweeted his discontent with not getting into 50 Cent's show at SXSW, but apparently his issues with the festival go a little deeper than that. The Oxymoron rapper explained in an interview with the Washington Post that the festival has changed, in that the fans are no longer a priority. 

“It's stupid. They changed it all up. It's corporate,” said Q before one of his scheduled performances. “I don't ever want to come back unless they change it to where the fans are in. I'm tired of performing and seeing my fans outside the gate. ... That's not fair. It's not about the fans no more, it's all about money, who can give you the best look."

Danny Brown recently had similar complaints about the festival, speaking of the invasion of major labels on SXSW. “The best thing for me was, I remember coming out here years, years, years ago, before it was like all the major label guys and all the guys were coming out here, it was pretty much an up-and-coming artists."

Do you think the SXSW organizers will listen to complaints from artists, or will it just continue to become more and more corporate?