Every time A$AP Rocky posts one of his Calvin Kleid ads on Instagram, you can count on Schoolboy Q and Tyler, The Creator commenting. You can also count on these comments being hilarious and usually being intended to mock Rocky for feeling himself too hard. The last time Rocky shared one of his ads, it was on a massive billboard. He was photographed laying sprawled across a roof, shirtless, and Schoolboy popped up in the comments to say, "Ima let you slide CuHz I'm on da golf course... but youz a biatcH lol." It has also become a recurring joke that Schoolboy tells Rocky to lose his phone number whenever he stumbles upon one of these promotional posts


When Rocky posted his new ad for Calvin Klein's new CK50 campaign, he must've known that it was only a matter of time before the clowning commenced. It appears Schoolboy has reached the limit of Rocky underwear-shots that he could take on his feed. Schoolboy commented on Rocky's latest seductive pose, "We been friends for about 10 yrs. Im really un following u on god... Y'all knew I was gone pull up... I Honestly don't know wat 2 say braH. THIS SHIT SO OUTTA POCKET HE PUT HEAD PHONES ON. In tHe Serena Joint."

Rocky's other good friend, Tyler, the Creator also had some thoughts to share on the photo, but his were slightly more complimentary. "YOU THE MOST FIRE BUTCH ON EARTH RIGHT NOW I WISH I WAS THAT CARPET," he wrote. However, the best comment has to go to Joey Bada$$ for: "I thought this was @youngma for a second."