It's pretty common knowledge, if you follow either rapper on Twitter or any form of social media, that ScHoolboy Q and Mac Miller are friends-- Mac seems to be friendly with a lot of the TDE camp, with Q and Ab-Soul both appearing on Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Now hip-hop magazine Mass Appeal is digging further into Mac and Q's friendship, by doing an interview with the two rappers for the upcoming issue of the magazine.

Their interview together delves into how the two first met, and their plans for the future when it comes to music. An excerpt from their conversation is below.

Q: “He was a white boy that was getting punked on in LA, and he needed some help.”

M: “I was in the mall, and these dudes were pressing me. They said like Yo, you weak, you trash, and shit. Then Q came up like Yo, spit 16 [bars], and he was like, Ok, you nice.”

Q: “And he got a pass. I was like Man, this little white boy hard. I didn’t know it was him until I went to his big-ass crib, saw his house and all the homies was there. I put two and two together and I’m like Oh, that’s Mac Miller. That’s the little ni**a from Pittsburgh.”

Check out their magazine cover above.