TDE's ScHoolboy Q returns to "The Smokebox" for his second visit, partaking in the ultimate hotbox with weed connoisseur and rap icon B-Real. Anyone who follow's Q's social media (primarily Snapchat) knows that the Blank Face rapper is one of the most hilarious rappers in the game, and his brash and no-holds-barred sense of humor general translates to his interviews. Throw in copious amounts of what I can only imagine is strong-ass weed, and you've got twenty minutes of entertaining insight. Honestly, you know the bud will be strong if it's coming courtesy of B-Real, one of hip-hop's original weed icons. 

Q originally hit up "The Smokebox" back in 2013, and in that time he ended up dropping two of his most critically acclaimed albums yet - Oxymoron and Blank Face. The conversation proceeds as smoke fills the idle whip, and Q takes a second to show some love to some of his favorite west coast artists, including B-Real's Cypress Hill, Pac, Snoop, Daz, Kurupt, DJ Quik, E-40, Too $hort. "Thank ya'll for keeping us motivated," says Q, his words slowed by inebriation. "Pushing the envelope, raising the bar for us. For me to even be able to talk some of that street shit, for me to even be cool to smoke weed and rap about it, you part of that." 

Q continues to praise the influence of Cypress Hill, basically acknowledging them as the original weed rappers. They proceed to discuss the morality of legalization, especially with regards to some of the drug dealer homies, to which Q adapts an "always forward" mentality. Comparing it to the rise of music streaming, he simply says "you gotta go with the flow."

We know Q has been working on an album, previously showing off a collection of fifty contenders, but we have yet to land a release date. In the mean time, check out the full video below.