To promote his upcoming album Oxymoron, TDE’s Schoolboy Q stopped by Hot 97 the other day for an exclusive listening party. Following the session, Q went over and paid a visit to Angie Martinez to talk about some serious topics including his drug habit.

In a two part conversation with Angie Martinez, Puff opened up on his well known addiction to lean, aka promethazine/codeine syrup. Q breaks down on how his addiction to pills first started, which went from percs and xanax leading into the regular use of lean. Q even explained the down side of the drug, telling an unforgettable moment at last year’s SXSW where he was unable to move, and that his sex life is so affected by the drug that he would choose syrup over a night with the hottest woman (in this scenario, actress Jennifer Lawrence).

After spending the last two years working on his album Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q feels that his addiction has affected his music so much that he sucks right now and refuses to do any features.

“When it comes to making music, I suck right now. Music wise right now, I suck, besides my album.”

Despite everything, Q says he’s in a happy place and will stop using syrup after his "Oxymoron” tour ends on June 1st to focus on the next album. Let's hope he kicks the habit sooner than that.

Check out the interview below.