Scarface has always enjoyed the honor of being the sort of emcee that earns the title of "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper." Few can deny the Geto Boy emcee's prowess on the mic, boasting a strong discography lined with classic tunes and verses. Even as his career shifted into the realm of politics, Brad "Scarface" Johnson never failed to earn respect from his peers. And when a voice like his utters a vitriolic takedown of someone, it's hard not to take notice.


Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Today, Scarface turned heads when he fired off a response to one of Donald Trump's self-aggrandizing tweets, holding nothing back as he swung for the President. "Anybody that casts a vote for you is a goddamn fool," he begins, replying to Trump's prediction of a resounding victory come November. "You are an absolute moron, you have failed this country miserably the blood of 152 thousand Americans are on your hands you self-centered lunatic, you really think people like you? Naaaa bruh."

Though Face has since deleted the Tweet, the intensity of his message remains -- it's clear that the aspiring politician has no love lost for the sitting President, and will be actively casting his vote to ensure that another four years of Donald Trump is avoided. Of course, it also further alienated Scarface from the many Trump-loving hip-hop fans, a demographic that continues to surprise in its sheer volume. What's not surprising is how many rappers openly dislike Donald Trump, and one has to wonder if we'll see more and more artists waxing political as November looms closer.