Easily one of the most iconic gangster films of all time, Scarface has been ripe for a modern reboot for a long time. Despite those that may prefer the film in its original incarnation, it appears a remake is  definitely happening. Star Wars: Rogue One star Diego Luna is already attached to the project.

According to a report from Variety, the new Scarface will be set in Los Angeles and feature a Mexican immigrant instead of the Cuban immigrant Al Pacino played in the original (hence the casting of Luna). Director of Training Day, The Equalizer and other badass films Antoine Fuqua was originally going to direct, but had to drop out due to the making of a sequel for The Equalizer. That’s a bummer, but hearing there’s a sequel to The Equalizer is a nice silver lining.

The film hasn’t yet begun shooting, so it probably won’t hit theaters until 2018. Then, it’ll be time to introduce a whole new generation to Tony Montana (assuming that's still his name).

[via Variety]