Scarface just appeared on Beyoncé's all Houston remix of "I Been On" beside fellow legends such as Bun B and Willie D. The rapper spoke with Fuse about the possibility of working with Jay-Z, and whether he will be working with Beanie Sigel and the Geto Boys in the future.

Scarface, who's worked with Jay-Z on a number of occasions spoke about a possible new track with the Jigga Man. "I had just got off [of] email with Jay-Z, like two or three days before," he explained. "'Cause I was tryin' to get him on my record, and he told me to send the record. I was not in a space where I could send the record from."

On the possibility of a new album, 'Face says he would be interested in dropping new material, but is weary of the constantly moving and changing rap world.  "In all honesty, I want to drop an album. But I don't want it to get lost in the wash," he said.. As far as his rumored collaborative album with Beanie Sigel, Mac & Brad, the Houston rapper made it clear that the project would not come to fruition. "That's not gonna happen." He also confirmed that 2005's The Foundation would stand as the last moment in recorded Geto Boys history. "We may tour," he said, but added "As far as Geto Boy albums, no sir."

Watch the full interview below.