Scarface had a night to remember last night. At the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, he was honored with the "I Am Legend" achievement award. He has apparently had a warrant out for unpaid child support that forbade him from leaving the state of Texas. He ignored the order to come accept his award in person, and police were waiting for him backstage and promptly arrested him.

Shoutout to blogger Freddy O for documenting the scene. Here's what he said:

"Scarface was truly pleased and so thankful for his fans for supporting his career throughout the years. He graciously accepted the 'I Am Legend Award' and was very vocal about being full of gratitude and love for Hip Hop and his many fans. It was truly inspiring to see someone in the industry who is truly humble and full of gratitude because so many lack that trait in this industry.

After Scarface exited the stage heading back to the celebrity trailers there were 10 sheriffs waiting to arrest him. Sources revealed that Scarface had a warrant and he was not suppose to leave the State of Texas. Scarface was so concerned about accepting his award and not disappointing his fans he risked being arrested. Snoop was back stage when Scarface was arrested and was upset that the great moment ended on a sour note. The incident resulted in the show being delayed."

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