First came KFC’s Double Down. Then, Taco Bell shot back with their own fried chicken creation: the Naked Chicken Chalupa. Now we’ve got a response from the fried chicken fast food company: the Chizza. No, it’s not pronounced chizz-ah.

True to its name, the Chizza is a combination of pizza and fried chicken, with fried chicken as the crust. It’s a thinly sliced chicken breast topped with pizza toppings like cheese (two kinds!) although some of the other toppings are decidedly weird (chicken ham? pineapples?).

Although it’s currently only available the Philippines and Singapore, we can’t see KFC letting this absurd amalgamation of foods stay overseas. The food has been in the Philippines for a while but is just now making its way to Singapore. World domination must be next.

Of course, this is fast food. Check out the differences between expectation vs reality and ask yourself this deep, existential question: would you still eat it?