We would say "Happy Birthday Saweetie," but it looks like she already had the happiest birthday possible. On Thursday (July 2nd), the rapper celebrated 27 laps around the sun with a fun-filled birthday bash, and her boyfriend Quavo really showed out for the occasion. To show his girl how much he loves her, he surprised her with not one, but two Birkin bags. This birthday gift was clearly the right call, considering it made Saweetie bust out in the splits and twerk all over the floor.

While Saweetie's reaction was hilarious for how over-the-top it was, the expression on Quavo's face as he watches Saweetie freak out over her gifts was just as priceless.

After Quavo's birthday surprise, the two of them quickly became everyone's couple goals 

Quavo went on to post a lovely birthday message for his boo, although he appears to have gotten her age wrong.

"Happy 26th Birthday Baby," he wrote on a photo of them kissing, "Y’all Wish My Queen Happy Bday!" Since Saweetie was born in 1993, she would have turned 27 yesterday. Oh well, who needs accuracy when you have love.