In 2003, Petey Pablo's smash hit "Freek-A-Leek" was storming the airwaves. Nearly two decades later, the North Carolina rapper's radio jam still has fans storming dancefloors as soon as a DJ spins the track. Some may have noticed that Saweetie's summer hit "My Type" sampled Petey Pablo's song, so when BET called on the Bay Area femcee to perform at the Hip Hop Awards, it was only appropriate that Petey join her onstage.

Saweetie's boyfriend, Migos' Quavo, was excited as he supported her in the audience as she showed off her dance skills. Just prior to BET airing the award show, Lil Kim questioned Saweetie for Interview magazine. During their chat, Kim asked Saweetie about her rise to stardom, and the California artist shared that she's been working on her on-stage presence to match that of her rap idol.

"Writing has always been my thing, and a lot of people don’t know that entertaining is a whole other thing," Saweetie said. "That was never my strong suit. So I was looking at a bunch of performers, wondering what I could take from them and make my own. One thing I really love about you is that when you walk on stage, you might not be rapping and you might not be dancing, but just your presence—I’m like, 'Damn.' That’s what I want to have onstage."

Watch Saweetie's performance alongside Petey Pablo and Lil Jon, and make sure to check out all of the winners here.