Hip Hop culture is never without beef. Since its inception, there have been verbal battles and wars regarding who is the best lyrically, what rapper has the greatest flow, and who consistently drops the hardest bars. There haven't been issues when comparing one artist to the next, but as social media has become the leading force of entertainment, fans have introduced new avenues of pitting rappers against one another. We've witnessed these rising beefs turn violent or even deadly, and many entertainers are opting to stay away from the controversy instead of feeding into it for "likes."

Saweetie, Cardi B, Hennessey Carolina, The Breakfast Club, Beef
Rich Fury / Stringer / Getty Images

Back in February, Saweetie and Cardi B fans were debating if the two chart-topping rappers were secretly at odds. With Cardi married to Offset and Saweetie paired up with Quavo, their fans expected the women to show themselves interacting more. Cardi's sister Hennessy Carolina quickly shut down the rumors and said that the ladies didn't have any beef with one another and were actually in talks to collaborate, and Saweetie confirmed that information during her sit-down with The Breakfast Club.

"Yeah, our teams have definitely been talking. I think we're just kinda waiting for that right record," said Saweetie. Shee explained why she believes things were blown out of proportion. "I think the media just likes to take things out of context. I'm loving how women artists are starting to realize that sometimes it's the media that creates something that's not there. I think it just shows mature and it shows growth amongst me and my peers to not be affected by what the media says."

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