Those old social media clips have often caused a ruckus online for artists and Saweetie is feeling the wrath of the public. When people find old posts or interviews that rub them the wrong way, it isn't difficult for a resurfaced moment from yesteryear to return with a vengeance. Things that artists have said or done often fade into the abyss of social media oblivion, however, someone rehashed a Livestream conversation between Saweetie and Too $hort.

In the clip, the pair of Bay Area artists talk about biracial or multiracial people, and Too $hort revealed that he hasn't fallen in love with a woman that has not been mixed. He said because there are so many mixed people in the Bay, it formed his attraction to biracial women.

Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty Images

The music icon spoke about mixed kids being pretty regardless of what their parents look like, and Saweetie is seen laughing through that portion of the conversation. Soon, the resurfaced clip went viral, and people condemned the rapper for her response. However, she caught wind of the criticisms and uploaded the remainder of the video where she told Too $hort that Black women are "beautiful on they own," without having to be mixed with any other race.

Saweetie's fans jumped in to defend her and she thanked them for their support. "This shouldn’t even be a conversation but thank you for having my back baby. I’m going back to my shoot [peace sign emoji] Y’all have a Jesus blessed day," she tweeted.

Meanwhile, the person who first posted the clip took hits from Saweetie's fans and has complained about the response. Check it out below.