Saweetie Channels "Game Of Thrones" In Music Video For "Pissed"

Alexander Cole
December 21, 2018 15:58

Saweetie brings some "Game Of Thrones" imagery to her new video for "Pissed."

Up and coming rapper Saweetie used her latest video to address her haters and claim the throne in the brand new music video for "Pissed." The video begins with some triumphant hymns that sound straight out of a Lord Of The Rings movie. We also see a huge castle and once the beat drops, we get a glimpse of Saweetie sitting on a throne, Game Of Thrones style. It's a bold statement from the new rapper, but her performance on the song exudes a "badass" attitude that is sure to win over those who are on the fence about her.

"Sippin' Rose, first class, yeah, I’m lit/AP bust down, jumping off the wrist/Republicans on the plane muggin' on a bitch/Making white man money/So these white folks pissed (Why you pissed?)," Saweetie raps on the song.

In an interview with Billboard, Saweetie explained the imagery behind her new video, saying "I love Game of Thrones, and I feel like 'Pissed' captures that. Our teams are constantly fighting to be No. 1. I dressed up as Khaleesi to symbolize what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to take over."

Saweetie was also recently seen in the studio with Timbaland, so expect to see some new music from the two very soon.

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