Loved ones of rapper Sauce Gohan are asking for prayers for the rapper after he was reportedly shot in a brazen attack. The Chicago artist is reportedly signed to Sauce Walka and the latter revealed on Instagram earlier this evening (March 15) that Gohan is recovering from a near-fatal incident. Rumors have already begun to circulate online and it's reported that Sauce Gohan was shot in the head during the day while in his vehicle.

On his Instagram page, Walka shared a photo of Gohan in the hospital where he's seen hooked up to various machines. "Errbody send y’all love blessings support and follows to my baby brother @saucegohan_073," wrote Walka in the caption. "HE WANTS HIS #FANS TO KNOW HE GOODATHIN & HE SURVIVED a direct #HIT to the FACE BEHIDE HIS EYE while finishing his album in Chicago!"

"He can still see, talk , and hear [ear emoji] while in the hospital . So all y’all love and support is needed and appreciated .. Real #Chicago Baby Goat 👶🏽 🐐 N*GGAZ AINT STOP [stop sign emoji] SHI*T NEW VIDEOS AND ALBUMS CARS OTW." In the comments, Gohan confirmed that he was recovering well. 

"To ALL MY FANS I LOVE YALL MORE IM ALIVE WELL & DRIPPINNNN [drop emoji] KEEP ME IN YALL PRAYERS [strong arm emoji] DEY TRIED IT BUT WE WONNN [bursting star emoji]," added Gohan. Check out the posts below.