Vic Mensa's decision to berate the late XXXTentacion at the BET Hip-Hop Awards has caught the ire of many in the industry, even those with little to no connection with X or the Chicago rapper. Vic Mensa defended his rumblings by claiming that abusers deserved to sit in their consequences. From there, the issue of XXX's posthumous handling has been met with flack by those who stand to profit from his untimely death, and by some with little to no connection or stake in the matter, as I said before.

Sauce Walka of all people, has taken offense to Vic Mensa's rumblings. His fleeting social media posts condemning Vic Mensa's actions were later picked up Akademiks, who made not one but two Instagram posting out of the single news item. In the second Akademik's posting, the media personality seems to insinuate that Famous Dex has also spoken on the matter.

Akademiks included Famous Dex's response which offers context to his disavowal of Vic Mensa as a native Chicagoan. Sauce Walka's animated rebuttal is both flagrant in its use of homophobic language and humorous for his deliberate use of a "Vince McMahon" misnomer. The antagonistic group forming around Vic Mensa is growing every day.