Sauce Walka has never been one to shy from speaking his mind. Occasionally, his diatribes find the Houston rapper calling out names; we've already seen him go after Drake, Travis ScottOffset, and Cardi B. Often, Walka seems to take issue with authenticity, or a lackthereof. Respect is important in his circle, and anybody who neglects to act appropriately runs the risk of a good pressing. Recently, Walka took to Instagram to voice his annoyances with the growing ubiquity of gang culture, which has spawned a diluted variant. As he sees it, many have taken to running with the Blood vernacular without having earned their stripes. 

In his video PSA, Sauce takes a particular issue with those using the word "Slime." Anybody listening to mainstream hip-hop has likely heard the term, with Young Thug being a primary advocate for the lingo. Yet Sauce feels that is in itself part of the problem. "I don't slither, I don't slide, and I don't bite motherfu*kas behind they back," explains Sauce, always imaginative in his chosen imagery. "I'm no snake man, I'm a Blood. I'm a dog. I'm a pit. Don't call me no slime, man. Slime supposed to be some Blood shit. Everybody slime. Crip slime, whiteboys slime, white girls slime. Don't associate me or none of my n***as with that man, we PIRU in here man."

He continues, accusing rappers of letting girls "throw up sets for pussy. You got SoundCloud rappers wiping their nose talking about Slime set and Blood, ya'll ain't ever shot or killed nobody bro. You ain't never killed nobody but a keyboard." While he doesn't name names in his initial video, Akademiks caught Young Thug comment creeping, clearly feeling some type of way. "It's up," writes Jeffery, ever the man of few words - that one's open for interpretation. 

Walka chose to interpret Thug's comment as fightin' words. As such, he responded accordingly. "THUG STOP ACTING LIKE I DIDNT PRESS YOU IN HOUSTON G5 Strip Club last year in REAL LIFE NO RAPPIN FACTS," says Sauce. "NO MAN IN A DRESS CAN FADE ME FAGET BOY GET OFF MY PAGE B4 I PUNCH U AND YOUR WEAK ASS Security DOWN WHEN I BE U. N***A I LIVE IN THE SKY ITS ALWAYS UP AND STUCK WIT ME."

 Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images