Houston rapper Sauce Walka has recently decided to quit lean after seven years of addiction, and today he took to Instagram to share a triumphant update on his journey so far. From the look of it, he appears to be undergoing somewhat of a mental and physical transformation, though the going has not been without difficulties -- as he tells it, the process kicked off with twelve days of painful withdrawal symptoms.

"Day 1 after 12 Days of #Withdrawls PAINNN & #Detox ... From 7 consist years of drinking #Liquid HERION aka “ DRANK," he captions, in a lengthy Instagram update. "Nothin Less then a 6-10 ounces of daily direct consumption... Nearly a decade of Drug abuse & 5 million wasted dollars." A shocking declaration, and one that really emphasizes the financial strain that lean addiction can bring. "THIS IS WHAT A RICH DOPEHEAD DUMMY LOOKS LIKE!!!! 30 million dollar former DopeFiend !! AN I WANT MY FANS HATERS & KINGZ TO KNOW AND BE INSPIRED! TODAY @sauce_walka102 is promethazine and codeine free for life and I hope yeah I’ll come with me ( FUCK DRANK )."

"From a CULTURAL standpoint my weathering respects for it still stands!!" he adds, before continuing his triumphant message. "SO I #DroppedTheBottle fuck kick a CUP ... I almost DIED IN MY DAUGHTERS FACE, Killing #Myself SOMETHING U PUNKS WILL NEVA DO TO ME !!!! This is WHAT A REAL MAN IS !! One who leads by his Triumphs and failures and shows that message transparently to the people that need!! This is a black KING, this is a GOD.. to my people I love u."

Check out the message below, and show some love to Sauce Walka for stepping up to kick his addiction.