It only took 50 Cent's recent interview with Lil Wayne for people to draw attention to Sauce Walka's comments about Black women. Last week, 50 Cent ruffled feathers over his remarks about desiring "exotic," non-Black women, but just the day before, Sauce Walka's controversial interview with Dallas Global was shared on social media. The video has recently gone viral because, during the discourse, Sauce Walka expressed that he doesn't date Black women and prefers White women because they seem to cater to his needs.

When asked whether or not he would ever be in a romantic relationship with a Black woman, Walka said no. "My baby mama was Black. She mixed, she Black and White, but, no," the rapper said. "To a certain extent, I love Black women. I'll f*ck a Black b*tch, f*ck wit' a Black b*tch, be cool wit' 'em all day long but, once again, you talkin' about business. You talkin' about business and personal. I don't have relationships for fun. I've never done that in my life."

"Black women, just like Black men, experience and went through a thing called broken parenting. Broken homes," Sauce Walka added. He went on to explain that Black people have been "poisoned" into believing that they need to accomplish things alone and women operate in being too independent, when in reality, it takes a team to make real success. The rapper stated that he wasn't interested in involving himself with women that come from that background, so as a business decision, he only aligns himself with White women. You can check out Sauce Walka discussing his preferences, as well as much more, below.