This sounds like an unexpected collab -- Meek Mill and the Sauce Twinz -- though maybe it shouldn't be, as both Meek and one half of the Twinz, Sauce Walka, have beef with Drake. Meek's one diss record, "Wanna Know," dropped at the end of July and was the last track in the beef that rocked the summer. Though Meek technically got the last word, most onlookers felt like "Wanna Know" didn't stand up to Drake's two diss tracks. Drake's winning streak has since continued while Meek has stayed quiet. 

The last man to diss Drake, in fact, was Sauce Walka, who released "Wack 2 Wack," using Drake's own "Back to Back" instrumental, last month. In his diss, among other things, he accused Drake of appropriating Houston hip-hop culture. Drake likely doesn't consider Sauce Walka to be in his league, and maybe he's right, but, all things considered, "Wack 2 Wack" was a pretty good diss. Better than that of Meek's anyway. 

Well, it seems Drake's two opponents, along with Sancho Saucey, the other Sauce Twin, have been recording together. The Twinz shared a picture of themselves with Meek last week, and late last night (Oct. 4), we got a preview of their collaboration, which will appear on the next Sauce Twinz mixtape. You can hear Meek come in toward the end of the clip.

We're not assuming that they're dropping a 3-against-1 diss record, but during their time in the studio, Aubrey's name had to come up at least a couple of times. Should Drizzy be nervous? 

Who's excited to see what the Sauce Twinz and Meek have in store?