It's been roughly two months since Tekashi 6ix9ine came out of prison and truthfully, it seems like his antics are losing its effect. He's returned with a vengeance, mainly to deflect the bad press of being a snitch, while taking aim at some of the biggest names in hip-hop from Snoop Dogg to Meek Mill and Future.

Since he's not allowed to leave his home, he took to Instagram Live ahead of the release of "TROLLZ" where he attempted to stir the pot a little bit more. As many members of the rap industry expressed their disappointment in Nicki's decision to work with 6ix9ine again, including Future, Tekashi 6ix9ine lashed out and brought up the ATL rapper's baby mama situation. "Future, you don't take care of your kids, right? You can't compare me to you because I can't have no communication with mine. My baby mama was having sexual relations with my co-defendant," 6ix9ine explained.

Sara Molina went on Instagram Live shortly after where she aired out Tekashi 6ix9ine and essentially called bullshit on his claims. "He's no better than Future because he has another kid that he just doesn't take care of," she said after she stated that there was no communication in the first place. She also stated that 6ix9ine had communication with his daughter while he was in jail, though that didn't continue after his release.

Though Sara Molina was relatively calm as she aired out her grievances, it was her mother that finally went off on 6ix9ine's overall behavior. "I was talkin' to him. I was even letting his mother see the baby. His mother, his brother. What happened to all of them that care about my daughter?" She's heard saying off camera. "Stop copping her name to promote your music to get dollars. You don't pay no child support, you bum ass."

Check the full clip below.