Giants running back Saquon Barkley was carted off the field during the team's 17-10 loss to the Chicago Bears, Sunday. Following the game, Barkley deleted every post on his Instagram except for an image honoring the late Kobe Bryant.

Saquon Barkley, Injury, InstagramJonathan Daniel / Getty Images

"Obviously we're all praying for the best," Giants coach Joe Judge said. "I would just say this: Regardless of whatever the outcome is going to be and the doctors say [Monday], don't fall asleep on [Barkley]. It's going to be a hell of a story either way."

ESPN reports that the team expects Barkley to have suffered a torn ACL, which would keep him out for the remainder of the season.

"I mean, he's Saquon Barkley. You lose a guy like that, it's a huge loss," said running back Dion Lewis. "As a team, everybody has to step up. Receivers got to step up. O-line has to step up. The running backs have to step up. The quarterback has to step up. Defense has to step up. It's not going to be one person step up to make up for what he's done. It's going to take all of us."

Lewis replaced Barkley on the field after the injury.

Following the game, Barkley scrubbed his Instagram of all but one post. He did not explain why.