Philadelphia-born singer Santigold and husband designer Trevor Andrew watched as their Los Angeles mansion caught fire. The Blast reported that fire units were deployed in response to a distress call placed somewhere around 11:05 am yesterday morning. Firefighters noticed billows of smoke spilling out of the attic's window, at which point 25 first responders were mobilized in an effort to snuff the flames. Their cumulative efforts lasted an estimated 8 minutes, according to the same report.

Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Trevor Andrew reportedly recorded a portion of the relief efforts, only to delete the footage moments later once the story reached The Blast. As of this writing, neither Santigold, Andrew or their son Radek reported suffering any injuries as a result of the fire. An investigation is being tabled by adjoining branches of law enforcement, by which the firefighters are included, to our knowledge.

In 2018, Santigold dropped the unexpected I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions project, which marked her unofficial foray into Dancehall. Santi and Andrew maintain a creative partnership within the confines of their LA residence. It's no secret, Los Angeles and the surrounding area are prone to brush fires of the like. The same can be said for the rest of Southern California. Here's to hoping Santigold and her family made it out okay.