Once again, social media proves that nothing ever truly disappears and no controversy is ever laid to rest. Over 20 years ago, Sandra Bernhard, an actress and comedian known for her roles on Roseanne and most recently for portraying Nurse Judy on the hit series Pose, took to a stage and cracked offensive jokes at Mariah Carey's expense. "If I have to see her dive into one more swimming pool in another video, and then trying to backtrack on our asses, getting real n*ggerish at the Hilton hotel suite with Puff Daddy and all the greasy, chain-wearing Black men." 

Sandra Bernhard, Mariah Carey, N-Word, Racist, Diddy, Comedy, Pose
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

She then went on to make fun of Mariah for being biracial, called her a "phony White b*tch," and talked about the "ghetto divas" like Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, and Lil Kim. The stand-up routine caused major backlash for Bernhard and was the catalyst for a longstanding feud between Mariah and the actress, but years ago Bernhard claimed that she and the singer had made amends.

As much as Bernhard would like to think that sordid moment in her career was behind her, a video of her racist routine began circulating online once again just days ago. People who weren't familiar with the late 1990s moment are seeing it for the first time, and because Bernhard stars in Pose, a show all about the LGBTQIA+ drag and ballroom culture, fans are struggling with accepting that this is something in the past. Check out the controversial clip and a few reactions from the public below.