Christmas is quickly approaching and if you're still looking for the perfect gift idea for that music lover or gym rat in your life, Samsung has quite a few all-new wireless headphone options at the ready. 

Samsung’s new lineup of first-class wireless AKG headphones promises an unparalleled listening experience perfect for someone who appreciates the gift of sound. Among the options are the on-ear Y500 and the in-ear Y100.

Per Samsung:

  • Y500 ($149.95): These wireless on-ear headphones feature Multi-point Connectivity allowing users to pair two connected Bluetooth devices at the same time, as well as extended battery-life lasting up to 33-hours on a single charge so that they can listen more seamlessly, all day long.
  • Y100 ($99.95): No matter where your day brings you, these light and durable in-ear headphones bring users crisp clean sounds, and also feature Ambient Aware that allow users control of their surrounding sound with a single tap. 

Of course, if you're really looking to impress your loved ones, there's the Samsung N700NC. The $350 wireless, over-ear headphones bring the best of AKG’s award-winning sound technology that feature adaptive noise cancelling, giving you the ability to control how much surrounding noise they let in. Furthermore, the N700NC includes a strong battery life that last up to 20 hours on a single charge.