Have you ever seen one of those iPhone ads that are everywhere that say "taken on an iPhone" and wondered: "why don't my photos look like that?" Well, Samsung has unintentionally answered that question by implicitly claiming the following photo was taken on their Samsung Galaxy s8:

Dunja Djudjic

This photo wasn't taken on a Samsung phone, it was taken by a professional photographer using a real camera. Samsung apparently bought the photo through Getty Images (the same place the above photo comes from and every other cover photo on this site and most others). The photo is used on Samsung's website to advertise the Samsung A8 Star.

The discovery was made by Dunja Djudjic, the photographer. She was notified of the purchase of one of her photos EyeEm through Getty images and tracked down where the photo was used to Samsung's Malaysian website. The photo has been retouched from Djudjic's original to advertise the "portrait mode" on the new Samsung phone.

Djudjic describes what Samsung did:

Whoever created this image, they also cut me out of the original background and pasted me onto a random photo of a park. I mean, the original photo was taken at f/2.0 if I remember well, and they needed the “before” and “after” – a photo with a sharp background, and another one where the almighty “portrait mode” blurred it out. So Samsung’s Photoshop master resolved it by using a different background.