These days, it seems as if there exists an amorphous mass, who seems to sniff out the slightest hint of anything remotely controversial. Upon latching onto the scent, they form like Wu-Tang killer bees, taking to various online platforms to vent, flame, and roar their feelings as if in a state of primal fury. Singer Sam Smith has recently found himself the target of the vacuous mob, for one simple reason. The man does not like Michael Jackson. While on a chill-looking boat-cruise with Adam Lambert, Smith vibes out to Jackson's dulcet tones, proclaiming "I don't like Michael Jackson but this is a good song." 

A hot take to be sure, especially for a singer of Smith's caliber. After all, Jackson was, and still is regarded as the "king of pop." Few artists can boast such a lineup of classic hits, and while MJ was a complicated figure, his musical legacy has long been regarded with acclaim. It's not unreasonable for someone to harbour a dislike for a respected, even revered artist; after all, such controversial opinions make for prime water-cooler talk, especially for those looking to set themselves apart from the pack. 

As for Smith, all we can really do is ask ourselves why he doesn't like Michael Jackson. One thing is for sure. You know Smith is demanding, at the very least, a few rounds on Lambert for bringing this one to the public eye.