This week has seen a few big albums drop, all to coincide with the shopping frenzy that will occur on Black Friday. Rick Ross released his second album this year, Hood Billionaire, Eminem dropped his compilation, Shady XV, Beyonce re-released the Platinum Edition of BEYONCE, and Iggy Azalea also re-released her debut album as Reclassified.

HitsDailyDouble comes through with projected first week sales for each effort. Em is at the top of the race, with Shady XV on course to track break the 100k mark (that's usually an easy feat for Eminem), with projections of 140-150k. Beyonce's Platinum Edition release is expected to sell 50-55k, while Rick Ross' Hood Billionaire is likely to move somewhere between 65-70k copies (Mastermind did 179,000). Finally, Iggy Azalea's Reclassified is looking like it'll move 11-13k sales (the original did 52,000).

Which of these releases are you copping?