New Orleans Saints fans were absolutely crushed yesterday as their beloved team lost to the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round. The Vikings came in as the sixth seed while the Saints were a highly favored 13-3 third seed. Regardless, the Vikings were able to pull off the win as Kirk Cousins connected with Kyle Rudolph in overtime to win the game, 26-20. Saints players and fans were upset by the play as it appeared as though Rudolph committed offensive pass interference. In the end, no penalty was called and the Vikings won the game.

This is the second year in a row that the Saints were eliminated after a missed pass interference call. As you can imagine, the Saints fanbase was distraught over what happened and immediately took their anger out on the referee. In the video below, you can see Saints fans pelting refs with debris as they ran off the field. Some of the refs appear to be ducking and dodging as they head back to the locker room.


Saints fans have been getting a bad wrap over the past year. Many NFL fans felt as though the city was being overzealous following their NFC Championship loss to the Los Angeles Rams. With this latest reaction in mind, it doesn't seem as though the fanbase is doing themselves any favors.