Saigon recently said he'd like to punch Rick Ross and 2 Chainz because he doesn't like the adult content in their music.

However, it seems Saigon only made these comments to garner views from his Breakfast Club interview, as he has now recanted them. Posting a message and apology on his Facebook page, Saigon explains he knows what it takes to gets people's attention in the music industry, so that's why he said what he said. However, he doesn't take back what he said about inappropriate music being marketed towards children.

"I say them things on purpose,” he wrote on Facebook. “If U notice I say people names at the end of the interview.In my mind Im thinking I just dropped a deep interview but I have to say some super ignorant shit to bring people to even watch it so I said a name or 2… I just been doing this for a while and I understand how the Hip Hop media works..I hope those 2 guys understand it was simply a strategy and not personal at all.. Though I DONT agree with their content. I do not want to cause them any harm or see them harmed.”

He echoed this statement on Twitter, explaining he just wanted to make his interview more provocative to gain the public's attention.