Saigon has had a few minor beefs in his past, including comments about Rick Ross which he later recanted. While visiting the Breakfast Club on Power 105, in support of his new album Bread & Circuses, Saigon said his beefing days were over. It seemed like that only lasted a minute or two, because following suit he listed names of rappers he'd like to punch, including Rick Ross & 2 Chainz.

 "Nah, that's behind me [punching people out] know what, they don't change the message though, I'm on a whole new beef." Saigon says, before getting into who he'd like to punch out today, "I would punch everybody man," Saigon says, . "Rick Ross, 2 Chainz…everybody who's putting [out] detrimental music [out] for children. These companies market the music to children, and ya'll know that."

Saigon says music with adult content should be separated, just like pornos in a movie rental store, "The same thing you put on a porno. You know when you go in a movie store a porno section has it's own little section? Do that for this music because this is marketed to children and we know that."