Last night, news broke out that Safaree was robbed at gun point. It was revealed during a short clip that was posted from an interview he did with Angie Martinez where he broke down in tears while describing what happened. He seemed distraught and more details pertaining to it will surely come up in the near future. Good news for him is that the suspects who allegedly robbed him have been apprehended.

Two men who've been suspected of robbing Safaree have been captured by the police, TMZ reports. Their law enforcement sources say that they caught the two men after a car chase down George Washington Bridge from New Jersey into New York. The alleged robbery occured in Fort Lee, NJ and police followed them over the bridge. One of the suspects then crashed their vehicle and began to flea the scene on foot before capturing Jonathan Ricketts and Shawn Harewood. The two of them were caught within 12 blocks of each other. 

The information pertaining to the robbery hasn't been incredibly clear aside from the one clip of him breaking down into tears. The rest of the interview is slated to drop later today so we're sure that he'll detail it in full during that time. He said that they had him face down on the ground with a gun to his head and robbed him of everything.