"Love & Hip Hop" producers were worried Safaree Samuels would not turn up for the series' reunion as stipulated in his contract. The taping began without his presence as the reality television star had a change of heart. He still came through to the taping, making a dramatic entrance one hour into the event.

Samuels had previously told organizers that he would not attend the filming to due concerns relating to his safety and mental well-being, according to TMZ.  Sources said VH1's parent company, Viacom, had promised additional security would be made available for the entertainer. They also assured him that measures would be taken in order to make him feel comfortable and safe.

Although Safaree did ultimately show up to the reunion, he still risks consequences for failing to respect his contractual agreement in its entirety. Viacom had previously threatened him with legal action. He was told that he may be held responsible for damages if he failed to appear. Other consequences could also include barring him from appearing on other television shows, which would affect his ability to earn additional income. His manager is said to have urged him to respect the deal, but the decision still remained in his client's authority.