A seemingly innocuous tweet by Erica Mena has turned into a subliminal shady exchange between Safaree's fiancée and his ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis. Yesterday, Mena ruffled a few feathers when she tweeted, "You notice it’s always the super bitter butt hurt females most of the time that claim they don’t wanna get married." After receiving a bit of backlash, the reality star followed up by explaining that he tweet wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. "I actually tweeted this off having conversations with females who claim this," she said. "You clearly see how hurt and bitter they are. It’s an instant observation I got and I know it’s a common one. Sad because deep down you know they don’t really mean it." 


Recently, Safaree and Mena had a very brief breakup following accusations that he'd been texting his ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis. In the texts, some of which went back to November 2018, Davis allegedly attempted to cease conversations by bringing up Mena, but Safaree told her to stop talking about his girlfriend. When Davis mentioned that he was getting married, he reportedly stated that he wasn't. The following day Mena wrote on her Instagram that she was single and shared an Instagram Live of a room filled with roses, many of which she destroyed. Within days the couple was back together and they've returned to sharing their love with the masses on social media.

Davis has been mum since dropping the scandalous texts—that is until many believe she responded to Mena's marriage tweet. "Bitter bothered b*tches always quick to point a finger 😂 like I’m over here minding my business," Davis wrote. 'I’m not willing to marry someone who is willing to marry anyone.....like watching two leftovers trying to make a whole meal 🍿"


Meanwhile, Mena continued to receive judgment for her remarks, so she issued out a tweet to her critics: "You don’t have a pot to piss in but enjoys watching me and mine." She also wrote on her Instagram Story, "It's probably best you be more concern on getting your green card back after getting caught smuggling than you are about me or what I tweet," she wrote. "Being homeless and alone in Jamaica has to suck. I'm sure your brain damaged doesn't help either."



Davis responded to one part of the comment by writing, "I was in a bad accident .... far from brain damaged I found out I may have early stages of MS but what does it say about you to be making fun of someone in that situation? I have nothing to hide I don’t have to make up stories about my life. I keep it REAL."