With as much as they've kept themselves in the news lately, it was obvious that these two were cooking up something behind the scenes. After announcing last week that they were expecting their first child togetherLove & Hip Hop New York stars Safaree and Eria Mena have reportedly jumped the broom. They, themselves, haven't announced the news, but a clip of their wedding reception was shared on Instagram.

In the brief clip, viewers can see that a VH1 camera crew was front and center for it all as the couple navigated their way around the dancefloor with the cameramen in tow. It looks like Safaree will also use the opportunity to showcase his music skills, as he performed a song for his pregnant wife as she danced in front of him.

Following their Bonnie & Clyde-themed photoshoot, also revealed by VH1, Safaree and Erica have shared a sonogram photo of their bundle of joy. "I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm in shock, I'm in disbelief," Safaree previously stated. "It's like, very surreal to me. So, it's like, whoa. I don't know what the hell to do but I know I'm going to be great at what I do because I'm great at everything." Check out a clip of Safaree's reception performance taken by a guest below.