Safaree Samuels, a 39-year-old man, posted a petty and disrespectful message on social media this week, strongly alluding to the fact that was getting a divorce from his wife Erica Mena. Unsurprisingly, the rapper/social media antics lover has gone back on his message and is now claiming that he was capping.

Sharing a new picture of himself doing bicep curls, Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend claimed that he was not being serious when he tagged Divorce Court and called himself a "bachelor" in a recent post.

"A man is nothing without his family," said Safaree in the new upload, suddenly becoming profound. "Im not a bachelor & I love my wife I would never disrespect the mother of my child or wife. Sorry for being childish & Salute to all the real men out there."

Well... damn. Everybody saw that coming but, still...

It's pretty ridiculous for him to stoop this low for some publicity but, hey, that's Safaree for you.

He has edited the original post, where he disrespected his wife and hinted at their divorce, which now simply promotes whatever they're dropping tomorrow. "10:30 am Friday!!!! Word premier," he wrote.

Last night, Erica Mena showed the world their daughter for the first time, posting a picture of her adorable face on the 'Gram.

What do you think of this move by Safaree?